Double Your Website Traffic Part 5

Here is a list of 8 simple one-and-done strategies that you can implement to drive more traffic to your website automatically.

Part 5 of 6

  • Email Signature
  • Social Icons on Obit
  • TAF (Tell A Friend) – Share Obituary
  • Automated Posting to Facebook
  • Automated Posting to Twitter
  • In the newspaper, “Condolences may be offered for the family at”
  • Video tribute on website page with note in memorial folder
  • QR Codes
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Welcome to the next video in our How to Double Your Funeral Home Website Traffic video series.
In the beginning, I said that there are three strategies that I was going to share with you and I’ve already shared three strategies with you. This video is a bit of a bonus. I’ve put a little checklist together so that you can make sure that you’re maximizing the opportunity to promote your online obituaries, with the least amount of effort.

A lot of these are very simple. Do them once, and you don’t have to do them again. I thought that this video series would be incomplete if I didn’t go over these with you. We’ll just quickly go over these. The first one is your email signature. A lot of your funeral directors in their email signature it has their name, maybe their position, their email address, phone number, and the URL

What I would recommend is, actually, put in an action word in front of that, as David Allen in “Getting Things Done” recommends. Put an action word on your to-do list, it actually invokes someone to do something instead of just letting them figure out what they should do.

I’d recommend is to subscribe to our obituaries, and then your URL That will drive them right to the obituaries and, hopefully, you have one or the other mechanisms that we’re going to talk about, that they can actually subscribe to your obituary.

The next on the list is having the social icons on your obituary. That’s where you see sometimes at the bottom, “Add this,” or “Share this,” or it might have a couple of the icons like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ along the bottom. You want to make sure that you have those social sharing icons on your obituaries. Another great thing to have that we found works quite well is the ‘Tell a friend’ form on the side bar.

This really is to share the obituary. It’ll have the From like From Robin Heppell and Then the two names and the two email address, and then all of the comment, and then they hit send. It actually sends an email to the person from the other person with that link in it.

What we found between that we didn’t expect is that a lot of people email that to themselves. Maybe they’re at work and they’ve come across the obituary and they are actually putting…like to me, from me, and send it so that they get the email in their personal email if they’ve maybe come across it at work or something like that.

It’s just a really interesting find that we found. Also too, one thing to ask your web developer is that you can automate the posting of the obituary to your Facebook page and to your Twitter account. Now, I recommend doing this because although you’re going to get a huge amount of exposure, you are building up a little bit of a platform and a foundation for your social media accounts.

That should be interspersed with other activities on social media. For that automation, it really doesn’t cost anything and that’s a great way to get a little bit more…it’s not looking like an empty room there in the social media accounts. At least, you have list in the obituaries.

Next, and this is where it started, I’m not sure if you still d this but it’s still valuable, is in the newspaper. Make sure that you have a line something like this, “Condolences maybe offered for the family at”, something along those lines. We’ve tweaked this over the years again.

We’ve been doing this for a long time. What we’ve come up with, that’s the softest condolences may be offered for the family at Another way to drive funeral homes traffic to your website is through…if you’re having the video tribute and if you put the video tribute on the obituary page then on the memorial folder, you can then have a note that says, “To view Rob Heppell’s tribute video, go to” and the video would appear there.

Because think about it, if people have been active at the service, maybe they’ve already been to the obituary and left a condolence and they watched the video. We know that those video tributes are very powerful. Usually, they show up even the best of eulogies and people may want to watch it again.

Give them a link to where they can see the video and that will drive people back to your website and further engage on the website. The last one on the list is QR codes. QR code is this funny little speckled square of white and black. I know that QR codes aren’t going to be around forever but right now, they’re here. For the people that know how to use them, they should be scanning them all the time. It doesn’t hurt to just having the side bar, QR code that is made just for that page.

If someone’s looking on their computer and they’ve got their cell phone with them and they want to save it to their phone, they can just scan it and save it to their phone. Then, from there, they can share it with other people. That’s what I would recommend.

This is just a bonus list of other ways that you can help direct traffic to your funeral home website. Also, in the bigger picture, get more engagement on those obituaries, get more condolences that your client families will receive and help them in the grieving process. We’ve got one more video. Just click the link below or click the link in the email and I’ll see you in the next video.

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Double Your Website Traffic Part 5

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