Funeral Industry Technology: As a follow up to the Funeral Facebook Formula class in May, I showcased my “Information Gathering Dashboard” and I promised that I would make a video on how you can create one for yourself – here it is…

If you are having problems viewing the video,
click here to watch it on my “Live Video” account

If you have any resources to share about the funeral industry and technology, please share your thoughts comments below!


PS: To put this information into action, visit for more training!

4 responses to “Create Your Own Wire Service”

  1. […] is the tutorial on how to Create the DashboardThanks for […]

  2. james Reppart

    What will be the best replacement for this tip, now that igoogle is being phased out?

  3. James, as an alternative, I have switched to – here is my new information dashboard:

    Let me know if you have any questions.


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