Reality TV Funeral Director

It could be you!

I received a call today from Lucky Dog Films looking for a Funeral Director to star in their new Reality TV Show.  Here are the details:

Do you think your family business and the business of running your family might make for compelling TV? We are looking for an ordinary family with an extraordinary lifestyle that is willing to let cameras into their world and to share their everyday lives with us – imagine, the real life “Six Feet Under”!

Lucky Dog Films is developing a new series for TLC and we are looking for a family made up of eccentric, fun and interesting characters. If you think we are describing you, please send a small tape introducing your family and showing us your home and funeral home. No more than 5 minutes please.

Send your submissions by July 1, 2009 to:
Lucky Dog Films, LLC
7600 Wisconsin Avenue
7th Floor
Bethesda, Maryland 20814
[email protected]

We will not be able to return any submissions sent to us.

Hey, if you make it – don’t forget good ol’ Hepp!

3 responses to “Who’s the Next Reality TV FD?”

  1. Steve

    I wonder if a funeral ‘reality’ show is actually good for business. I seem to remember the way that the funeral business looked after “Family Plots”…

    In reality tv they always seem to look for the bad, not the good.

    Just my opinion, but I am not interested.

  2. I am trying to think of the advantages of having a reality show taped in a family owned funeral home. I would be interested to see how the community would react, as well as the loyal families you serve. I dont really see risking your entire family business over a reality tv show. Im not sure the advantages out weigh the disadvantages.

  3. Getting late on this question, but here’s my two or three cents.
    The only “reality” shows I have ever observed are far from reality, as I know it. I think Family Plots did our industry great damage in leading people to think things not seen in public were selfserving and disrespectful. I think getting involved would be really risky from a liability standpoint and for your image in the community. It takes forever to build a brand and reputation, but a minute of bad press to tear it all apart. And, if everything goes well, best case, what does doing this say about you and your firm.

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