Part 1: Introduction & Philosophy: (8:01 mins)

Part 2: Facebook: Profiles are better than Pages (3:04 mins)


Part 3: Be Seen as the Expert… On Seniors Issues (7:29 mins)


Part 4: FAQ Machine for Maximum Exposure (13:09 mins)


Part 5: Create An Online Radio Program (6:15 mins)


Part 6: Funeral Homes: YouTube to Promote Personalization (2:35 mins)


Part 7: Compete against Online Classifieds (3:46 mins)


Part 8: How We Can Help – Done For You Package (0:58 mins)


Questions Part 1 (18:24 mins)

  • Anything in the pet funeral side of funeral social media?
  • How funeral service schools can best teach students about the positive aspects of using social media in their funeral homes?
  • How can I use it to generate quality Funeral, Cemetery, Cremation leads?
  • How do I use social media to direct people to our website?
  • How to use Facebook effectively in the funeral home setting?
  • How do I tread that fine line between being progressive and being in poor taste when dealing with social media?
  • Getting previous clients to “like us” on Facebook?
  • Where does one find the time to do all the posting?
  • What is proper content to share? This would be a touchy subject for me.
  • Being new to using social media, my question would be how to use it and how does it work?


Questions Part 2 (19:57 mins)

  • If you had to choose between Facebook, Twitter and Blogging which would you recommend for a funeral home and why?
  • What is the most effective use of social media?
  • How to motivate a staff that is comfortable in just going through the normal day because it’s what they have known for the past 100 years at our facility?
  • How can I convince older generation customers and company executives/employees to join in on the Social Media Movement?
  • How do I engage followers? I can get fans but getting them to interact is difficult.
  • Implementation of highly effective Social Media information?
  • How do we engage with people in a way that allows us to be relevant in the conversation?
  • Social media is the preferred information source for people who are turned off by broadcast messages.
  • How can you reach this person and deliver information without risking the dreaded “delete” button?
  • How cost effective is Social Media?
  • How to keep potential clients interested over time and how to turn that into revenue for our cemetery?
  • It’s easy to get all of your friends signed up as fans, friends, etc. how do you get incremental business by starting relationship with people you don’t know so they become future customers?
  • Does social media create more volume for the funeral home? Do you have any specific examples?


Questions Part 3 (15:22 mins)

  • How to turn traffic into action “preplanning,” etc?
  • Starting family business over (3rd generation FD) from scratch. All I have is a name that used to be the biggest in [STATE] and well-respected. Where and how do I begin?
  • I am most interested in finding out how Social Media can be best applied for suppliers and also, I am in an industry that is essentially a one-time purchase and one-time sell (rather than over and over such as a casket supplier). I’m having difficulties creating a vision of how Social Media can work for us (and how I can sell the idea to my boss)!
  • How to create an effective email marketing program?
  • Generating interest, and maintaining a high level of valuable “newsy” bits?

Please share your thoughts, comments, or questions below…


One response to “Replay: Social Media Advanced Strategies for Funeral Homes & Cemeteries”

  1. Absolutely brilliant. Please send me the tabs you use for Google news. It’s given me loads of ideas – I’m downloading software right now and making lists of who I’m going to interview.

    Fantastic. Thank you very much.


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