I received this awesome voicemail from Nancy Lohman, who was the chair of the ICCFA 2010 Convention.

At the convention we pushed the boundaries a hand a live, Internet Marketing / Social Media workshop where attendees brought their laptops, connected to the WiFi and:

  • Created a Facebook page on the fly
  • Made their first “Tweet” with their Twitter account
  • Created their own Funeral Blog and made their first blog post (and also embedded a YouTube video) which was titled, “Why people view someone who has died.”

I even created a website so that the attendees were prepared when they arrived in San Antonio.  You can see some the of introductory videos at:


If you are interested in having a Internet Marketing / Social Media workshop for your members, we can set up the same workshop environment for your convention or even have it as an add-on session before your convention. For more information about workshop and presentation possibilities, please download my new, Speakers Kit.

Download Robin Heppell’s Speaker’s Kit

Robin Heppell\'s Funeral Speaker\'s Kit

"Hey Rob, It is Nancy Lohman, I just called to say a giant thank you for making our ICCFA convention a success. The technology track was a hit. I can't thank you enough for all the hours you put into the program. Everybody there just wanted to stay over and skip the banquet to just keep going with you and get the technology hints for success from you with regards to the Social Media Interaction. They were just glued to their seats and that was just in itself very cool and really cool that we hit the nail on the head with that one. I heard nothing but great things so I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being so committed to ICCFA and giving us as an association so much of you, your expertise and your time - just grateful...really, really grateful to be the convention chair this year and to be lucky enough to have your focus, your participation and your leadership. It is certainly one of the huge reasons why our convention was so successful. Take care. I will be in touch."

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