Double Your Funeral Home Website Traffic Part 1

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Hi. This is Robin Heppell. I’ve been helping funeral homes like yours, since 1996, with their websites and how to get them at the top of the search engines, and how to find more client families through their websites.

In the last five or six years, I’ve really dialed this down to some simple strategies that any funeral home can apply just by putting these in, on a regular basis. That’s why I created the “How to double your funeral home website traffic in just three easy steps.”

The reason why this is important is that Google and the other search engines love websites that get a lot of traffic and a lot of interaction, or what they would call engagement. If there are two funeral home websites that are both the same size, but one gets a whole bunch of traffic whereas the other one doesn’t get any traffic, Google is going to favorite the one with the majority of the traffic. You’re going to think that that has more authority than the other one that doesn’t get any traffic.

How we do this is, actually, harnessing the power of the online obituary, which leads me to the second benefit of this. As Dr. Earl Grollman said, “Grief shared is grief diminished.” If your goal is to help your client families go through the grief that they are with the loss of their loved one, this can really help them out.

If you get more of the community reading the obituary and leaving condolences on your website, not only is it going to benefit you, in the search engines, it’s going to benefit that client family because more people are sharing in their grief. Your client family will have you to thank for that. What we’re going to do now is go to the first strategy to double your website traffic. All that you need to do is click on the link below or on the link in the email that I sent you. I’ll see you at the next video.

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Double Your Funeral Home Website Traffic Part 1

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