Imagine how well this could work in YOUR funeral home.

I’m betting you could start getting more calls from your competitor with by just applying half of the items that I have shared in this video.

In fact, with the last strategy, you will be able to pick off calls from your competitors.


If you found this video helpful but you would like to learn more of the How-To steps so that you can build your virtual marketing platform and dominate your market, I would like to invite you to a webinar that I am hosting next week.

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5 responses to “Hepp’s 6 Forces to Funeral Domination Online”

  1. minna

    I absolutely loved the video.
    I learned so much! Thank you so much for posting this.


  2. Wow this video really distilled a complex topic down to a few simple points.

  3. Thanks Rob,
    Lots of good information presented in an easy to follow presentation. All important considerations as we move forward. Thanks for the effort!

  4. Todays “World” of PRICE match by Walmart, CVS, HomeDepot,pricecutters etc. have forced the MOM & POP..Funeral services to sit up and COMPETE.against the BIG Box Funeral Homes with personalized Superior Services .or we will be washed away as the Tide of Low funded but we want all the bells & whistles funerals hit our town because ..PRICE, PRICE PRICE is all the radio & TV’s shout to the every day consumer… Rob has given us the tools .Now we must use them or fall by the wayside..Pre-need and The www. is our only hope of survival and thanks to Rob and his staff , we feel we have the RIGHT Team player on our side.PLUS we don’t even use the yellow pages any more we hit up Google for phone #’s etc. etc.
    On Behalf of all who use your services ..we can’t thank you enough…

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