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Every office and business in North America must face the challenge and decision of computerization. From purchasing their first computer to choosing the proper software applications, to training, and then back to new computers, new software, more training. Thousands of dollars can be mis-spent by purchasing the wrong application or “solution”. We have vast experience in the use of all major software applications custom built and commercial funeral home programs, creating networks, and most importantly, staff training.

In an advisory role, we can assess your needs and make recommendations regarding hardware (computers), networks, internet access, office software programs and also custom-built and commercial funeral home applications.


Staff training is of the utmost importance since we are always having to show value of the services we provide. We cannot be seen as below par in basic computer skills while the world around us continues to grow in this area.

It has been our experience that Funeral Directors are somewhat reluctant in taking on this new challenge.

In our computer training process we will…

  • first, educate Funeral Directors on the importance of computer technology so that they will “buy-in” to this next step
  • assess the skill of all individuals and help each of them learn the basic fundamentals of computers and bring them to a level that you want them to achieve
  • instruct them in basic software applications such as word processing, e-mail, internet, data bases and spreadsheets
  • also educate those with more skill in graphic manipulation/desktop publishing for memorial registers and folders, custom or commercial funeral home software, in house web site updating and much more