Press Release: The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Funeral Home Marketing Strategy


What Your Funeral Home Competitor Hopes You’ll Never Discover: The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Funeral Home Marketing Strategy Local funeral homes just got their wakeup call: Funeral Futurist Robin Heppell launches his best training program to date: The go-to reference and resource for marketing and advertising for Funeral Homes – the Funeral Marketing Blueprint – Home Study Edition. Victoria, BC – Robin Heppell knows funeral home owners and managers have a choice in which programs they invest in for their firm’s growth. With funeral homes investing hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars every year in professional development, the Funeral Marketing […]

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Do You Guarantee Your Funeral Services?

Funeral Service Guarantee

Guarantees are powerful marketing tools. Reversing the risk from potential client families and placing the responsibility on you and your staff is one great way of building trust. Often though, when I share these thoughts with funeral directors, a number of them are hesitant to guarantee their services. They feel that families will take advantage of the guarantee. For those who offer guarantees, I asked how often have they been called on their guarantee, and I get the same answer – maybe one or two times – and they say that those were legitimate complaints from the client family. Then […]

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Are You Giving Your Website Visitors the Facebook – Website Runaround?


In a previous article, I’ve shared with you the number one way to get extra traffic from Facebook – even without having a Facebook page or profile. If you need a refresher, all that you do is give your client families a sheet of paper at the arrangement conference and a 20 second tutorial on how to add their loved ones online obituary to their Facebook profile.   Please note that I did not say about sharing it on your Facebook page – even though you can do this it will be 10 times less effective than having the family doing […]

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Want Preneed Leads? Stalk Your Website Visitors

remarketing for funeral homes

In the 10 plus years that I sold and then later managed a multi-million dollar preneed program the most consistent lead source we had was direct mail. Even though referral leads were better quality leads, they depended on the sales rep to go through the process of cultivating the referrals. Even with low direct mail responses – we had to rely on bulk mail as our regulations prevented us from using addressed mail – they were still ROI positive so we continued the mailings. The problem though was that this was a shotgun approach as we didn’t know exactly who […]

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The Ultimate Funeral Marketing Seminar is Back!

Video thumbnail for wistia video The Ultimate Funeral Marketing Seminar is Back!-Funeral Futurist

Robin Heppell Reveals How Any Funeral Home Can Create An Effective Marketing Plan That Gets Results What makes the Be a Funeral Marketing Rock Star conference so different from all the other funeral home marketing events in 2014? This event actually walks attendees through the creation of their funeral home marketing plan from A to Z following the Funeral Marketing Blueprint method. This Blueprint will be unveiled at the “Be A Funeral Marketing Rock Star” event in February 18, 19 & 20, 2014 at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas, Nevada, December 12, […]

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