Do You Guarantee Your Funeral Services?

Funeral Service Guarantee

Guarantees are powerful marketing tools. Reversing the risk from potential client families and placing the responsibility on you and your staff is one great way of building trust. Often though, when I share these thoughts with funeral directors, a number of them are hesitant to guarantee their services. They feel that families will take advantage of the guarantee. For those who offer guarantees, I asked how often have they been called on their guarantee, and I get the same answer – maybe one or two times – and they say that those were legitimate complaints from the client family. Then… [Read More …]

Are You Giving Your Website Visitors the Facebook – Website Runaround?


In a previous article, I’ve shared with you the number one way to get extra traffic from Facebook – even without having a Facebook page or profile. If you need a refresher, all that you do is give your client families a sheet of paper at the arrangement conference and a 20 second tutorial on how to add their loved ones online obituary to their Facebook profile.   Please note that I did not say about sharing it on your Facebook page – even though you can do this it will be 10 times less effective than having the family doing… [Read More …]

Want Preneed Leads? Stalk Your Website Visitors

remarketing for funeral homes

In the 10 plus years that I sold and then later managed a multi-million dollar preneed program the most consistent lead source we had was direct mail. Even though referral leads were better quality leads, they depended on the sales rep to go through the process of cultivating the referrals. Even with low direct mail responses – we had to rely on bulk mail as our regulations prevented us from using addressed mail – they were still ROI positive so we continued the mailings. The problem though was that this was a shotgun approach as we didn’t know exactly who… [Read More …]

The Ultimate Funeral Marketing Seminar is Back!

Video thumbnail for wistia video The Ultimate Funeral Marketing Seminar is Back!-Funeral Futurist

Robin Heppell Reveals How Any Funeral Home Can Create An Effective Marketing Plan That Gets Results What makes the Be a Funeral Marketing Rock Star conference so different from all the other funeral home marketing events in 2014? This event actually walks attendees through the creation of their funeral home marketing plan from A to Z following the Funeral Marketing Blueprint method. This Blueprint will be unveiled at the “Be A Funeral Marketing Rock Star” event in February 18, 19 & 20, 2014 at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas, Nevada, December 12,… [Read More …]

How To Deal With Negative Online Reviews


Podcast: Play in new window | Download In this episode, I’m going to share with you my strategy on how to deal with online reviews: how to get nasty ones removed (or at least not look as bad) and how to get a steady stream of positive reviews… In this video: 00:53 – How did you feel when you get a negative review? 02:44 – Is the complaint legitimate 05:35 – The Olive Branch Approach 06:49 – Cultivating positive reviews 08:41 – Why client families with Gmail accounts are great for leaving online reviews 10:25 – Your After Care Specialist… [Read More …]

Beware of the Difference Between Opinions and Advice


Podcast (fsm-show): Play in new window | Download As you will learn in this episode, this topic is always apparent to me ever since it hit me over the head in 1997 and I think that it is something that you should think about every so often (or even daily)… Topics discussed / In this video: 02:34 – Who scored on Hepp who also hoisted the Stanley Cup? 03:24 – Started my apprenticeship with McCalls 04:04 – An epiphany in Las Vegas 06:07 – Opinions are like a nose, everyone has one 07:30 – Have you embalmed as many bodies as… [Read More …]

Google AdWords Campaign & Ad Group Setup for Funeral Homes

Robin Heppell Setting Up Google AdWords for Funeral Homes”

Podcast (fsm-show): Play in new window | Download I get a lot of questions about what is the best way to set up a Google AdWords account for funeral homes – and I have seen a lot of AdWords accounts that haven’t been set up properly, so here is what I recommend… 00:39 – Very effective marketing tool. 01:20 – Is click fraud a tongue twister 03:08 – Setting up your initial Google AdWords campaign 03:55 – Setting up your ad groups 06:05 – Not all keywords are good for you 07:58 – If you have multiple locations, do this… [Read More …]

See Hepp Live Fall 2013 | The Season for Competitive Advantage

Fall 2013 - Hepp's Live Events

I wanted you to mark your calendars now because this fall is going to be the Season of Competitive Advantage for your firm! I have 3 live presentations – September, October and November – where I am going to share with you my best and latest strategies that will give you and your funeral home a competitive advantage. September: Funeral Bootcamp Series in Cleveland, Ohio I will be presenting my Supercharging Your Website and Web Presence Workshop – more details here. October: NFDA Convention in Austin, Texas I will be presenting a two hour workshop: Winning More Calls with Google… [Read More …]

Double Your Website Traffic – 1 – Introduction

Double Your Funeral Home Website Traffic Part 1

Podcast (fsm-show): Play in new window | Download Welcome to the Double your Funeral Home Website Traffic Video Series. Part 1 of 6 Next module: Email Obit To Family Immediately Tweetables: Click to Tweet: Dr. Earl Grollman said, “Grief shared is grief diminished.” Click to Tweet: Harnessing the power of the online obituary. If you prefer text – here it is… Hi. This is Robin Heppell. I’ve been helping funeral homes like yours, since 1996, with their websites and how to get them at the top of the search engines, and how to find more client families through… [Read More …]

Double Your Website Traffic – 2 – Email Family

Double Your Website Traffic Part 2

Podcast (fsm-show): Play in new window | Download If you are only going to implement one strategy, do this one – it is the most powerful. Part 2 of 6 Copy, Paste & Use the following… Subject: Obituary for [First Name] [Last Name] Dear [Family Member], I have uploaded your [Dad’s] obituary notice to our website at Feel free to forward this email to friends and family as we have found that it is an easy way to let a lot of people know about services times – especially on such short notice. Let me know if you need… [Read More …]