Website and Blog Hosting Packages

In light of the interest for funeral homes and cemeteries to create blogs, I have created two hosting packages that are perfect to get you started.
I am offering 2 very inexpensive hosting packages to get you started – no more excuses!
  • $1 – 90 day trial, to get you blogging by next week – after the 90 days, it is only $19 / month – but what you will also get is my  10 Step Beginner’s Guide to Funeral Blogging

    sign up here for $1- 90 day trial

  • But, if you are serious, you can pay only $97 for a year’s hosting and including the 10 Step Beginner’s Guide as well

    sign up here for 1 year hosting

  • Note: you will need a domain name for your blog, and if you don’t have one, visit ($9.99 / year)

The 10 Step Beginner’s Guide to Funeral Blogging will include:

  • Behind the scenes tour of the WordPress Dashboard – Quick Start Guide
  • How to optimize your website / blog  for higher rankings in Google
  • How to create a RRS Feed with Feedburner so visitors can subscribe to your blog
  • How to add audio and video to better engage your visitors
  • How to let other services and websites know that your website / blog exists
  • How to use Google Analytics to track your statistics
  • How to find and use images & photos from others without getting in trouble
  • How to develop your blogging plan / strategy for a consistent message
  • How to create your own “Online Radio Show”
  • How to install plugins and upgrade to the latest version of WordPress