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Cremation Costs Made Simple Script

If you are looking for information about how much Cremation services cost in [Your City, State/Prov], we know that it can be quite confusing, that’s why at [Your Cremation Home], we make understanding Cremation costs more simple and that is why created our Cremation Costs Calculator and our No Hidden Fee Guarantee.

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We have made it easier to understand by our Cremation Cost Calculator.  There are just 5 simple steps so that you can get the complete costs… with No Hidden Fees!

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And that brings me to our No Hidden Fee Guarantee. We guarantee that the price we give you over the phone will be the price that you will pay – with No Hidden Fees!

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For More Information… Call our helpful staff to answer any other questions you may have about Funeral and the Cremation services that we can assist you with at (212) 555-1212.