I had the opportunity to be interviewed for an upcoming article by writer, Shannon Leahy of Raystorm Communications of Toronto (see detailed information below), and always being one to get the most bang for my buck (or time), I positioned the article interview in the form of a radio interview, recorded it, and uploaded it so that you could listen to it here.

Below are the questions that Shannon asked me and then at the end, she asked me to share what we did as a family to create a personalized service for my Dad, Tom Heppell.

Here are the links that I referred to in the interview:

Shannon Leahy’s Questions:

  • Can you comment on how the funeral industry is changing because of social media (particularly Facebook and YouTube memorials)?
  • Compared to other industries, funeral professionals have been slow to adopt social media. In your opinion, why has the funeral industry been hesitant in offering social media services to their client families?
  • In simplest terms, what are the biggest features and benefits of online memorials?
  • When you sit down with client families, how do you introduce the topic of online memorials? How do families react when you offer these types of services?

About Shannon Leahy

A professional storyteller and copywriter, Shannon Leahy’s newest passion is educating Canadians about funeral professionals and the client families they serve. After attending funerals that celebrated the lives of some of her favourite people (young and old), Shannon was inspired to know more about the dignified professionals working behind the scenes. Shannon is dedicated to serving end-of-life professionals and grieving families by writing content that educates, inspires and comforts.

Along with writing for FSAC’s Today’s Funeral website, her storytelling and PR work have appeared in newspapers, magazines and been featured on television and radio.

Shannon’s company, Raystorm Communications, is based in Toronto, Canada.

Question for funeral directors…

Do you take risks in planning meaningful, personalized services for your client families?

Please share your thoughts or comments below.

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