Is Google AdWords Right For Your Funeral Home?

I just created this video for you if you are wondering about Google AdWords for your funeral home…

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Is Google AdWords Right For Your Funeral Home?

Google AdWords is not for every funeral home, but if you have any competitors in your market you should at least test using AdWords – its the most cost-effective marketing that you can have as you only pay when someone is looking for your services and they click your ad (and you’ll just have to get over the fact that your lame competitor may click your ad a few times).

Based on the dozens of AdWords clients that I have and their hundreds of ads and thousands of keywords, I have come up with a set of criteria where I believe it is a “Sure Bet” to use Google AdWords. If the following criteria describes your situation, you should be jumping on AdWords RIGHT NOW.

If you have…

  • 4 or more competing funeral homes in your market (including your firm)
  • a market death rate of 40 calls per month or more (not just your calls, but all calls from your market)
  • a cremation rate that is 40% or higher

… then Google AdWords is a Sure Bet for you (and if not you, then for one of your competitors).

The reason why I believe AdWords would work for sure in a market like this (or a larger market) is that there is just enough funeral homes in the market to cause some confusion or doubt in the public’s mind on who to choose.

If there is just one or two firms, then in all likelihood everyone knows both firms and if they happened to be “undecided” they would probably go directly to the funeral homes’ websites or call or ask a friend directly.

If the call volume is only around 10 calls per firm per month or less, then there may only be one or two calls that are “up for grabs” each month and it may not be cost-effective to run an AdWords campaign.

Since cremation shoppers are less loyal than those looking for a funeral and also the public is less educated about cremation, these searchers are easier to get in front of and compel to click on one of your ads.

Now don’t worry if your situation didn’t meet the criteria above, each circumstance is unique and as long as you’re not the only show in town, it doesn’t hurt to give Google AdWords a try – especially since Google has probably given you a free, $100 credit (if you don’t have a coupon for $100 worth of Google AdWords let me know and I can hook you up!).

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