With the current situation, funeral homes are faced with coming up with alternative ways of communicating with families including remotely over the phone and Internet. This process can be used by funeral directors either from the office or if they are working from home.

Please note that there are many ways to accomplish making arrangements remotely and this is just one way of accomplishing the task. I will be the first to admit that I don’t know everything, but what I have provided here will give you most or all of the information and tools that you will need to get started. The great thing is that since this is a process with supporting materials, you can tweak it and edit it to best suit your operations.

This “Website-Assisted” Funeral Arrangement process, has many benefits for both the funeral home and the client family.

For the funeral home, you will be able to guide them to information about all of your service offerings. For your client families, they will be more at ease as the will be more prepared and have more information before starting the actual arrangement – you may even see an increase in averages.

For details on our Funeral Home Resource websites – click here

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for Website-Assisted Funeral Arrangements

Phase 1: Getting Set Up

  1. Create a web page called “Virtual Arrangement Process” or “Stay At Home Arrangement Process
  2. Create a web page called “Funeral & Cremation Choices Worksheet
  3. Create (edit) introductory email that will be sent to the client family before the arrangement conference

Phase 2: When the First Call Happens

  1. Answer the First Call and schedule a time for the remote / virtual arrangement. It’s best not to conduct the arrangements immediately have admin staff ask for the email address of the person who will be making the arrangements. Let them know that the funeral director will email them.
  2. Send the introductory email to the family / next of kin / person making arrangement immediately after receiving the First Call.
  3. Call the client family, conduct your usual pleasantries, follow the processes laid out in the Virtual Arrangement Process, Choices Worksheet and complete the arrangement.
  4. Family can upload photos for videos and drop off clothing at the door of the funeral home when able.

Resources for Website-Assisted Funeral Arrangements

Introductory Email

Subject: Information to review prior to our phone call

Dear ###,

Thank you for confirming your appointment with us to discuss the services that you want to have for your ###.

We like to let families know ahead of time the various items that will need to be discussed during the arrangements. We have created a web page specifically for client families like yours so that you have some insights into the process of funeral and / or cremation arrangements – this will serve as an agenda for our telephone call. You can access that web page here: [LINK TO YOUR PAGE]

Included on this page are a list of information and items that you may need to drop off at the funeral home or for us to pick up, discussion on some of the various decisions that you will need to make, and a listing of some of the newer service offerings that we have available that you may not be aware of.

Also at anytime – now or during the arrangements or after – we are always available to answer questions that you may have. My cell phone number is: (###) ###-####.


Funeral Director

For details on our Funeral Home Resource websites – click here

Website Page: ​Virtual Arrangement Process

Thank you for the confidence that you have placed in [Company Name].

We want our client families to feel comfortable about making final arrangements in a time of illness or when unable to travel. We have created this website-assisted arrangement process. We can easily walk you the various steps over the phone and you can jump ahead and review or complete some of the steps if you feel comfortable. This page will serve as an agenda for the arrangement meeting.

There are various items that will need to be discussed during the time of the arrangements. We have categorized them into seven groups:

  1. Information Needed
    • Statistical information
    • Social Security Number
    • Cemetery information
    • Family Contact Information
    • Click here for details: [VITAL STATS FORM LINK]
  1. Decisions You Will Have To Make
    • Burial or Cremation
    • Type of service and location
    • Choosing a clergy or celebrant
    • Music or other participants
    • Location of reception
    • Merchandise
    • Click here for details: [CHOICES WORKSHEET LINK]
  1. Selections for the Service:
    • Complete Packages: By phone, the Funeral Director can navigate you through the site to see options
    • Service Offerings: [LINK]
    • Cremation Merchandise: [LINK]
    • Burial Merchandise: [LINK]
    • Location of Reception: [LINK]
  1. Pay Online
    • Click here to make a secure payment online: [PAYMENT CENTER LINK]
  1. Sign Forms
    • Authorization for Cremation: [LINK]
    • Authorization to Transfer: [LINK]
  1. Things You Need To Bring To Funeral Home
    • Clothing (including any special instructions): [LINK]
    • Photos for the video collage (can also be uploaded to us if you prefer): [LINK TO SAMPLE OR UPLOAD AREA]
    • Veteran Discharge papers if applicable
  1. Introduction To New Services
    • Complimentary Online Obituary – see current obituaries here: [LINK]
    • Video DVD Tributes – see sample here at bottom of obituary: [LINK]
    • Catering and Beverage Service – menu and photos here: [LINK]
    • Flowers, Cremation Jewelry and other Memorialization: [LINK TO ONLINE STORE]
    • Memorial Blankets & Keepsakes: [LINK TO ONLINE STORE]
    • Fingerprint Jewelry: [LINK TO ONLINE STORE]
    • Reception Center, Catering and Beer and Wine options: [LINK]

Note: The content of this page should be edited to fit the offerings of your funeral home. The key thing is to get this page up and running as soon as possible so that you can implement this strategy right away. You can always add to it or edit it in the future

For details on our Funeral Home Resource websites – click here

Website Page: ​Funeral & Cremation Choices Worksheet

Thank you for your interest in the funeral and cremation services that we offer.

We’ve created this web page specifically for people like you who are wanting to know the various choices that are needed to be made during a funeral or cremation arrangement process.

Use this page as a resource to come back to while you are in the decision-making process – if possible, it would be best to print off the PDF and discuss it with your family.

If it anytime you would like immediate access assistance call us at (###) ###-####.

Funeral Choices Worksheet

For details on our Funeral Home Resource websites – click here


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