Welcome to Funeral Futurist

Robin Heppell

Welcome to Funeral Futurist.

Funeral Futurist started as a resource and training site for funeral professionals. This site will remain accessible as much of the content is still useful today. For current services provided by Robin Heppell, visit Funeral Boardroom.

How Robin Heppell can help you today.

His unique knowledge and experience can help your funeral home grow and become more profitable.


 A close second to getting more at-need calls is to get more pre-need ones. I will explain how to get more pre-needs while helping your at-needs.


Funeral service is a very rare profession that when the time comes, you serve a family that has experienced a death or your competitor does.


Growing your funeral Home is like planting an apple tree – the best time to do that was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.

Strategy & Marketing

Get the knowledge & expertise of a Chief Marketing Officer without the huge financial commitment to help plan the marketing strategy for your firm.

Boardroom Mastermind

Be part of like-minded funeral professionals to share ideas and be accountable to get tasks done to continually improve your firm.

Pick My Brain

Have a burning question or issue that you need to discuss or do you need to brainstorm with someone who isn’t biased?

Funeral Thought Leadership…

At the time, these posts would make funeral professionals think and lead.

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