Video Tributes

DVD Memorial Video TributesVideo tributes are part of the essential steps that funeral directors need to take in order to personalize services and also raise the perceived value of your service offerings, especially when competing with discounters.

Now that you are ready to elevate your service offerings by providing video tributes it is imperative that you produce the best product possible for three reasons:

  • It is a reflection of your funeral home
  • Prevent do-it-yourselfers from wanting to provide their own video tribute
  • Provide a better product than your competition

The Keys for a high quality video tribute:

  • Use video creation services like Animoto where you upload the images and it automatically creates the video tributes using high quality transition styles and choose from hundreds of royalty-free music selections.
  • You can also use video editing software such as Power Director, Pinnacle, WinDVD Creator, etc. These applications range from $50 – $100 USD.

Current # 1 Recommendation: Animoto

  • Do Not Use PowerPoint – you will waste too much time trying to convert file formats and also using PowerPoint puts you on the same level with the public as most people with computer access have access to PowerPoint. PowerPoint is a great application for presentations, not Video Tributes.
  • Only show one song at a time. If a family wants two songs (or more), create separate videos for each. Rule: Always leave them wanting a little more than thinking it was too much
  • Keep timing to 3 to 7 seconds per picture
  • Don’t get too fancy: avoid using too many fancy transitions – use 4 to 6 transitions throughout the project
  • Make the whole presentation professional. Don’t only just make a great video and then give the DVD to the family in a CD sized case and a “Sharpie” titled DVD. Go the extra mile and give them a proper DVD jacket and a computer printed DVD label affixed to the DVD. Go the Downloads page for a PhotoShop template for the DVD jacket.

Animoto Example

Click here to check out more samples from Animoto.

Additional Revenue Opportunities:

  • Charge for additional copies. This is obvious but it must be priced right so that you or your staff aren’t having to produce a lot for minimal income and on the other hand that you are not charging too much that they will copy it themselves. $20 / copy will probably float
  • Offer to upload it on the Internet. The software applications above all have the ability to compress the video in different formats that are web friendly. $75 – $200 would be reasonable depending on your ability to upload the video. Only offer to leave it up for a limited time, or the option to have it up for longer (i.e.. $100 for 1 month or $200 for 13 months)
  • Packages! Although you will need to have à la carte pricing, offer a Video Tribute package that includes: creating the video, providing 3 additional copies, and uploading to the Internet for 13 months.
  • Take your Show on the Road. At a time when more people are choosing to have services at golf clubs and private residences – usually not involving the the funeral director – this is another opportunity to be a part of the service. Portable projectors are around $1,000 and portable DVD players run $150 – $300. The portable DVD player can also be used for pre-arrangement and at-need arrangements at the residence.