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Cremation Costs Made Simple Script

If you are looking for information about how much Cremation services cost in [Your City, State/Prov], we know that it can be quite confusing, that’s why at [Your Cremation Home], we make understanding Cremation costs more simple and that is why created our Cremation Costs Calculator and our No Hidden Fee Guarantee.

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We have made it easier to understand by our Cremation Cost Calculator.  There are just 5 simple steps so that you can get the complete costs… with No Hidden Fees!

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And that brings me to our No Hidden Fee Guarantee. We guarantee that the price we give you over the phone will be the price that you will pay – with No Hidden Fees!

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For More Information… Call our helpful staff to answer any other questions you may have about Funeral and the Cremation services that we can assist you with at (212) 555-1212.


Email Inquiries

Email Price Inquiry Response Script – Basic Cremation

Dear [First Name],
I am sorry to hear about your loss. {Acknowledge death / impending death if appropriate}
We have helped many families with their cremation requests. [add personal experience if matching exactly]
The costs for cremation begin at[starting price]. There are a variety of options that come with [insert the words “simple” “basic” “direct” if they used them] cremation so give you an exact quote, I would need some more specific information from you.
[Ask probing question about type of services desired: Have you ever arranged a cremation before?]
If you have any specific questions about cremation, or if would like to just talk about the various cremation options available, we could talk over the phone (my cell phone # is: ###-###-####), arrange a time to meet at my office on [street name], or I could meet you at your home or a convenient location nearby such as a restaurant – whatever is most convenient for you.
If you would like some more information cremation alternatives before talking, I would suggest watching the video, “Simple Cremation – 7 Alternatives to Traditional Funerals” here.
You can also download our free “Cremation Planning Form & Checklist” so that you will have an idea of the information needed to complete the cremation arrangements for your [wife / husband / mother / father / loved one].
If you are interested to find out what other client families have said about how we helped them in similar situations, you can read their comments here: [link to testimonials / reviews]
Thank you for inquiring about our cremation services, please know that you can contact me at anytime – day or night – if you have any other questions.
[Your First Name]
PS: One last question [First Name], besides price, what is your biggest concern at this time? (Just click REPLY and ask.)
[Your Full Name]
[Your Credentials]
[Your Phone Number]
[Your Email Address]
[Your Website]
[Insert your Power Statement here if you have one. Word it in third person tense. Example: No Hidden Fee Guarantee]

If you offer anything exclusive, include it if appropriate in the main body of the copy.
[Example] One item that you may not be aware of is that all of our service offerings include a free, online obituary. Many client families have said that the newspaper notice is so expensive and that our online obits are a great way to reach more people about the service and at the same time save money. Here is the link to our online obituary listing:

Follow Up Email

NOTE: The tone of this email is coming from a friend / trusted adviser.

Dear [First Name],
After sending you my first response, I was thinking more about your situation / questions and I thought that it might be helpful to share this information with you.
[Insert pure free content / service / information – absolutely no sales pitch]
If you have questions about the will or settling the estate, we also include as part of our services, our After Care Concierge service. [Name of After Care Specialist] will help you organize your important papers to make the settlement of the estate easier and also assist you in the application for any applicable death benefits including up to $2,500 from Canada Pension. You can find more information about this complimentary service here:
Also, I wanted to check in with you after your initial information gathering to see if there are any questions that you have that are still unanswered or did any new questions pop up? If so, don’t hesitate to email me or call me on my cell phone at ###-###-####.
[First Name], if you haven’t chosen a cremation provider yet, I would be honored to be your cremation arranger and help you and your family during this time.
[Your First Name]
PS: You can also read what some of our other client families have said when we helped them in similar situations. [link to testimonials / reviews]
[Your Full Name]
[Your Phone Number]

{Omit any formal part of your signature if you can – friends don’t use signatures when communicating with each other}

Direct Cremation Price Comparison

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Direct Cremation Comparison Template
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