I will be presenting at the Kates-Boylston’s 4th Annual Funeral Service Business Plan Conference being held Nov. 19-20 in Clearwater Beach, Fla.

Here is a 15:53 minute video where I pull back the curtain and show you my planning and brainstorming process when I create a presentation. This video also details what you will learn during my presentation.

Funeral Home Virtual Marketing Plan | Strategic Planning

If you haven’t heard of the “Business Plan” conference it is guaranteed to boost your operating profit. Along with the other speakers, I intend on helping you develop a strategic plan that’s actionable, concise and achievable. You’ll come with ideas, and leave with a plan.

Along with all the learning, there will also be plenty of time for networking and fun. On Nov. 18, from 6 to 8 p.m. (just after you’ve checked in and had a bit of time to unwind), you’ll enjoy a tour of one of Anderson-McQueen’s locations – Bill and John are leaders in innovation (and implementation) is funeral service. While there, you’ll enjoy light refreshments and time with fellow attendees. There will also be cocktail hours along with breakfasts and lunches. This is one event you won’t want to miss.

Use the order form below to register, and if you tell them “Hepp says $50 off” then you will receive $50 off of the registration fee. I hope to see you Florida!


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