Here are tips for acquiring CEU Credits online. Watch this 2:41 minute video to see how you can take advantage of co-hosting online CEU events.

“As a Funeral Service Association, we have found promoting webinars by can greatly reduce our expenses while maximizing our profitability. There is no question that some funeral service professionals prefer the interaction of face to face training and the social networking that goes along with it such as coffee breaks and lunches. However, this market is gradually diminishing and the request for access to online training is on the rise and beginning to surpass face to face training requests.

In order to remain relevant as an Association, we have found that it is critical to offer to our membership webinar format training. The ability to meet online can result in measurable savings to the non-profit Association and great value for our member. It is win-win!”

Janet Ricciuti, Executive Director, Funeral Service Association of BC

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