10 Ways to Increase Online Floral Sales

Watch this video on my Top Ten ways to increase your online floral orders and sales. It’s only 11:05 minutes long.  Plus there is a special invitation for you near the end of the video.

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Here is the list…

  1. Have a system that can track floral orders
  2. Make it easy for website visitors order flowers – display ads prominently yet tastefully
  3. (Subtly) Promote floral orders via family email
  4. Don’t lose profits to phone-in orders
  5. Make phone in orders available 24 / 7
  6. Offer to Immediate Cremation families
  7. Implement a Gift Card program
  8. Integrate with Social Media like Facebook
  9. List under amenities or concierge service pages on website
  10. Get more commission – You should be getting at least 25% – if not, there’s room for improvement

If you are interested in looking at Funeral Home Friendly Floral Order System, pleae attend my Free Webinar that will introduce you to a new Online Funeral Home Floral Order System that allows you to:

  • Choose your own florist
  • Set your commission rate
  • Tracks 100% of orders – including phone orders

To get instant access to the webinar replay, register here:

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  1. says

    we have our own in house florists on duty ..24/7/365..
    as well as our own memorialists for head stones etc…
    Robin and staff are the best for funeral service since JAM & BREAD

  2. Jeremy says

    Great WEBINAR Rob!

    Quick question, regarding point #4 “Don’t lose profits to phone in orders.” You mention to “protect yourself from phone in orders” however I didn’t see where you offered a remedy/method for doing this. Could you please clarify?

    Once again, nice work.


  3. says

    Jeremy, there are two ways of accomplishing this:
    1. have a separate phone # that tracks inbound calls, although this isn’t 100% effective, it will give you and the florist an idea of how many calls come through via your referral.
    2. Use a turnkey system, like the one that will be demonstrated in the webinar (http://www.FuneralFuturist.com/floral-webinar) so that the phone call is originated through your floral site and the order is processed through your desired florist and you will receive a copy of that order too.
    I hope that answers your question.

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