How To Spy On Your Funeral Competitors

For Your Eyes Only! Check out this video that I recorded for you.

It is true, the Internet is the Information Highway – so much information – and maybe some information that your competitors don’t want you to see.

This video is just a quick peak into what tools are out there for you to use to check out your competitors! You are probably using some of these tools already but no one has ever showed you how to use them – watch the video to find out how…

Warning – after watching this 18 minute video, you will probably spend the next 60 minutes (or more) turning over these virtual rocks of your competitors.

If you want to see a whole bunch more SPY TOOLS, register for my Funeral Home Internet Espionage seminar.

(Sorry, I have to charge for this one because I can’t have my competitors knowing all the stuff that I use on them – and I’m sure that you don’t want your free-loading competitors using this stuff on you – me neither!)

Funeral Home Internet Espionage

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